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Dengan Rachmad Tuhan YME

was founded in 1989, as a fishmeal & fish-oil manufacturer. Proprietored in the western suburbs of Bali , this location offers excellent reputation as a tradition-age fishing village. Fishermen are plentiful, gathering fishes from the Java Sea & Strait of Bali.

What started from a single-product factory, we expanded into canned sardines & mackerel. In late 1990s, we gained the trust & cooperation of one of
Indonesia 's leading food manufacturer as an outsource firm, to manufacture their mainstay canned Sardines. All our products are certified under Department of Health / Food & Drugs Administration (Dep. Kes. RI / BPOM) as well as "Halal" certification.

Owned & operated with quality and integrity in mind, our sardines has been in distribution all over
Indonesia , even as far as South Asia & Africa. Our dried fishmeal has attained equal successes.

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Our partnership with Indonesiaís leading food brands.
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One of several production lines featuring modern seamers for the canning process.


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