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have gone through several processes to ensure its freshness & taste. Here is a typical workday:

5:00am: Fishermen arrives from the sea after a nightful of work, right at the backdoor of our seaside facility.

5:30am: Our inspectors checks the quality of the fish, ensuring only adult size fishes are accepted.

7:00am: Finishes unloading from the boat(s) into our tanks. Fishes are kept at -4'C while workers cleans the fishes of its fins & heads. All cleaned fish enters de-scaling rollers and canned before entering the steam conveyor.

12noon: The last of fishes enters the steam conveyor. It is important that our fishes are sealed within 8 hours time. Meanwhile, the canning process (lid sealing, expiry date labeling, etc) process continues...

1:00pm: First batches on today's fishes enters the sterilization chamber (retorts).

3:00pm: Starts packing into boxes & pallets.

5:00pm: Trucks arrives & picks orders FIFO on basis.


Cleaning the fishes early in the morning, right after being unloaded from the fishermen's boats.

Fishes & the sauce are canned & sealed airtight after the steaming & scale cleaning process.

Cans are later sterilized in a high pressure retorts before being boxed or palleted per customer order.

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